Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mental images and pictures you'll never forget

I picked up the shoebox with the pictures in them. Then I flipped through them quickly stopping at one and recollecting my thoughts.

As soon as I stopped at that one picture, my brain twirled into a tailspin of great memories that connected the dots from the event.

Consciously or unconsciously, it happens all the time whether it's pictures or movies.

Doesn't it happen to you?

Sure it does.

I travelled back in time. This picture was of my daughter when she was 2 years old. I remember as if it was yesterday.

It was our yearly visit to Sears Portrait Studio (no plugs and no connection with the company) with my girl, my wife and my mom.

She was a fiesty little girl and still today expresses her feelings with gusto.

So what's my point?

We all have a sentimental shoebox of pictures or movies from the past on our computers.

The secret key is to unlock the memories that trigger in your mind what you want out of life.

In fact your mind travels at the speed of light through a kaleidoscope of memories and recreates true or false perceptions in your mind's eye.

True or not?

Your perception is your reality.

This picture of my daughter quickly fires up emotions of fatherly love. Then it triggers love for my wife and mother. The emotions swell up like a tidalwave and I see my girl, my wife and my mother in a world of love that binds me to them for eternity.

Just one picture changes my mood and puts me in a state of love.

I keep that picture right beside my computer where I sit for many hours on end reading and researching my books.

Once in a while, a quick peek at that picture makes me feel happy and loved.

Jump forward 3 years later, I replayed a movie of Melanie, my daughter, when she was dancing her first steps.

Quite a scene. Intense and so beautiful again it brought back happy memories.

Now flashforward to today, she's 15 and she's obsessed with dance.

Boy does she dance and of course I have my taxi driver's permit to drive her specifically this week 6 days to dance class. Move over dance moms and Abby Lee (she's the head host of a very competitive dance program in case you don't know).

Where am I going with this sob story.

Do you have pictures and movies from your past?

Where do you put them?

Do you edit your pictures and movies with one of those fancy pants software?

Do you add supers (words printed on your screen) to your pictures and movies?

Do you create souvenir slide shows and videos?

Now here is the killer question ;-)!

Do you use the hypnotic power of your pictures and movies to trigger in your subconscious mind the right state?

I do.

And so can you.

Last Saturday, my daughter just produced a homemade video with a friend for her English class. They wrote a rap song about the play Romeo and Juliet. In the video, they used self-modeling strategies I taught them.

She used these strategies and techniques you can use in the right order and sequence to fire up a web of great memories in your brain that I explain in my books.

If you want to live the time of your life, if you want to create the life you desire, whether it's at dance, sports, business, teaching or family events, you get these proven ideas in my step-by-step books that will put you in a state of peak performance.

My books are going to change your life. But my daughter is going to change the world.

Now go dance!