Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What made the difference?

What makes the difference between failure and success?

They are two brothers and both of them played soccer on the same team.

Both of them excelled at the game.

One became a drug consumer and nearly lost his life to drug pushers.

The other became the highest paid professional soccer player in the world at $40 million dollars a year. And some consider him the best player in the world.

What made the difference?

The difference sometimes is so small one can't imagine what went wrong. Often times the game of life is the inner game. A mind game when what you say to yourself, what you imagine and what you feel makes all the difference.

In this case the Messi brothers were not that different. The youngest, Lionel Messi, is the best soccer player in the world. He practised hours on end and developped his skills. Surprisingly he was not the best of the two. His oldest brother was in better and stronger but something happen in his mind.

It's all about mental training. Practical down-to-earth mind toughness and mental skills that you learn and practise daily to make them a habit. Sport psychology studies the mind power of athletes at their best.

Here are four strategies the best athletes use to motivate themselves...

1-The SOG
2-The 4-4-4 technique
3-The Mind's eye
4-The firewall

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